David Hood Collection

Like so many, my love affair with cars began when, as a starry-eyed kid, I first laid eyes on the ’69-’70 Mustang Mach 1 and ’70-’71 Plymouth Cuda.  And then to see these same machines, all decal-plastered and jacked-up to the heavens, breathing fire down America’s dragstrips, just further cemented that bond.  THAT time, and THOSE cars, were simply embedded forever in my DNA.

Fast forward 30 years or so later………and now my son, the self-proclaimed car racing video-game master, has developed his OWN affection for the beauty and power of the Gen 2 Dodge Viper!  So along came the posters and models that quickly adorned his bedroom walls and shelves…….and despite the pressures of constantly working and providing for him and his sisters, I took the time to delve into this fascinating Mopar creation, and brought one home (a solid black, Borla equipped, heads & cam, line-locked 2000 GTS).  After a literal tear down and re-assemble of the car, I was struck by both its simplicity and drop-dead gorgeous styling.   Needless to say, just like my son, I WAS HOOKED!  Now, after nearly 50 Gen 2 Vipers, countless hours of research, and numerous Viper club memberships, I take great pride in preserving these timeless beauties for this and future generations to see and enjoy.

MOST importantly, whether it’s the “old” muscle era or the later Viper run, none of these would have been created without the dream, foresight and hands-on effort of the men and women back in those days.  And for that vision and dedication, I, along with my beautiful wife Brenda, are honored and thrilled to support SPIRIT of VIPER!