Spirit of Viper Legends

The “Legends” are the five individuals who without any one of them, Viper may not have existed.  Each played a crucial role in advancing Viper from concept to prototype to project approval to production.

There are only five Legends.  An honor that is finite.  An honor befitting those whose leadership guaranteed success.  They lit a fire, a passion in the automotive community lost for decades.  A passion not seen since and may never be seen again.

To Bob, Tom, Francois, Carroll, and Roy, we honor you for your passions and to help us, the owners and enthusiasts, find our passion.

Robert A. Lutz, Chrysler President & Chief Executive Officer
Viper “Four Father” and concept visionary

Thomas C. Gale, Chrysler Vice President of Design
Viper “Four Father” and design visionary

Francois J. Castaing, Vice President of Engineering
Viper “Four Father” and engineering visionary

Carroll H. Shelby, Shelby America
Viper “Four Father” and valued consultant

Roy H. Sjoberg, Executive Chief Engineer
“Father Viper” and production visionary

Four Father” was the description of the first photo of Mr. Lutz, Mr. Gale, Mr. Castaing, and Mr. Shelby with the 1989 Viper Concept.