Last Drive Memorial

The VOA, along with Team Viper, would like to posthumously recognize the contributions of the following Team Viper members who have taken their last drive.  The knowledge, experience, creativity, work ethic, and TEAM attitude of each of these men and women made Viper what it was and what it is today.  Without them and each of their contributions, Viper would have been much harder to accomplish.

Team Viper and all those who were part of this great vehicle give our thanks to them.  We thank their families for the sacrifices made.  In the end, each has a legacy and a legacy that includes one of the most iconic vehicles ever to be built by so few people with so little funding.

May all Rest In Peace.

Biographies are being created by family and teammates for Albert Bederka, Ira Fisher, John Hinckley, David Ironside, Jeffrey Jax, Robert Kane, Frederick Kupic, Kenneth O’Donnell, Frank VanWulfen, James Vermeersch, and Ralph Youngdale.