Jerry Mallicoat

The Viper Team Remembers

May 9,1939 – March 22, 2022

“We all hope to have at least one “chance of a lifetime”, but Jerry managed to have more than his fair share. He was always happy with his achievements at the drag strip, with the Shelby operation, and the Viper race program. He never sought out the limelight, and at “photo time” Jerry was more likely to be working on improving something. Over the years I learned from Jerry that there were lots of different ways to get something done, it didn’t have to be perfect, just get the important things right.” Neil Hannemann, Viper GTS-R Program Manager, Spirit of Viper Hall of Fame

“Was a true “give you the shirt off his back” man. His knowledge was endless. Being able or better yet, being allowed to work with him and his brother, Gary, on their drag car was the highest achievement that they afforded me. The GTS-R Viper Team was his passion till he left us. I will miss him completely. “Hey Pal” will echo in the halls of time. Godspeed my true and trusted friend.” Tom O’Dell, Viper GTS-R Engineer

“It’s with great sadness I learn of Jerry’s passing. One of the unsung heroes of GTS-R, he managed the successful engine program quietly and with much needed maturity in a program stocked with youth and enthusiasm.” Dick Myers, Viper GTS-R Engineer

“By the time I worked with Jerry on the GTS-R program, he already had decades of motor sports experience. As a young engineer, I was inspired by his continued curiosity in new adventures and his passion to improve performance. I will miss his enthusiastic “Hey Pal!” greeting that lifted my spirits every time I spoke with him.” Jeff Reece, Viper GTS-R Engineer

“I worked with Jerry on the Viper GTS-R program in the 90’s. Jerry brought a wealth of experience to the GTS-R program and was a huge help in the success of that program. He was always willing to help the younger guys like myself. Jerry was a lot of fun to be around, I remember him often coming to my desk at work with the greeting of “Hey Pal!”. He will be very missed by everyone on the team.” Gene Martindale, Viper GTS-R Engineer

“Jerry grew up on the outside like we all do, but I sense he had a childlike joy throughout his life, living his passions to their full extent. I recall and will miss his trademark, “Hey Pal” greeting and others that know him know what I mean.” Tom Wierzchon, Viper GTS-R Engineer

“Jerry was a great guy and true team player. Always there when you needed him. His drag racing exploits are legendary as was his GTS-R engine work. Vipers land speed records would not have happened without his support and encouragement. It was an honor and privilege to know him and call him friend. RIP my brother in arms.” Herb Helbig, “Grailkeeper”, Manager of Vehicle Synthesis, Spirit of Viper Hall of Fame

“The record speaks for itself with multiple championships and wins around the globe. Well done, my friend! May you Rest In Peace.” Dick Winkles, V-10 Development Engineer, Spirit of Viper Hall of Fame

“My time with Jerry Mallicoat was relatively short, but what a super guy! I am a better engineer for knowing him.” Charlie Brown III, V-10 Design Engineer, Spirit of Viper Hall of Fame

“RIP Jerry, great humble man and dedicated racer that always got the job done. He will be greatly missed!” Bill Adams, Lead Engineering Mechanic, Spirit of Viper Hall of Fame

“My Memories of the Viper Racing years are so vivid. Not just for the races we won, but for the people that made it happen. And Jerry was such a big part of that. Always great to talk to, kind and super supportive, he was a huge part of our success.” Justin Bell, GTS-R Race Car Driver – FIA GT2 & Le Mans Champion