Welcome to the VOA’s Spirit of Viper

Spirit of Viper is a project created to honor, educate, and connect people who designed, built and had significance to the outcome of one of the best muscle cars on the planet. We honor those whose significant contributions impacted the creation and continuation of Viper from 1992 to 2017. The biographies and history collected are to educate current and future Viper owners. The connection to the car and the people will allow the “Spirit” to continue long into the future.

Enjoy learning more about the people, who they are, where they came from, and how Viper impacted their lives.

“Viper was the last great automotive development program in automotive history.  A program that could have been killed at any moment except for the stewardship of Bob Lutz, Tom Gale, Francois Castaing, and Carroll Shelby with the great leadership of Roy Sjoberg and a passionate team.  A passion that infected millions in the automotive world then and now.”  –Brian Willey

Spirit of Viper Hall of Fame Class of 2022

The Viper Owners Association (VOA) is pleased to announce the Class of 2022 Hall of Fame inductees as part of the Spirit of Viper program.

Lydia Fleming
Executive Administrative Assistant 

Robert N. Hubbach**
Manager Advanced Product Design

James A. Royer*
Engine Design Manager

 Joseph M. Gall*
Sr. Product Engineer, Chassis Systems

John M. Donato
Sr. Engineer Powertrain & Steering Systems

David W. Swietlik*
Procurement Manager

Neil E. Hannemann
GTS-R Program Manager

Nippanni Rao*
Sr. Materials Engineer

Don Jankowski
Shop Supervisor

Bill Hancock
Founder & Former owner – Arrow Racing Engines, Inc.

Roy Sjoberg, Team Viper Chief Executive Engineer and Spirit of Viper Legend, said, “The Class of 2022 continues to represent the “spirit” it took to make the Viper a reality.  I congratulate and welcome each new member and the families of those posthumously inducted.”

The VOA would like to acknowledge the Friends of Viper who graciously contributed to fund the Spirit of Viper initiative.

Bill Blewett & Kerrie Peterson ’21 & ‘22
Moyer Collection ’21 & ‘22
Steve Thorne ’21 & ‘22
Temple Motorsports ’21 & ‘22
David Hood Collection ’21 & ‘22
Kenny Naill ’21 & ‘22
D’Ann & Wayne Rauh ‘21

Mark & Tatiana Pieloch ‘22
Kurt & Chanis Wadsworth ‘22
Wes & Naomi Angelotti ‘22
Matthew & Melissa Durish ‘22
Madison & Shawn Hurst ‘22
Kim & Alan Weakly ‘22
Shannon & Sandee Whitehead ‘22

For more information about Spirit of Viper, contact Brian Willey, Spirit of Viper Coordinator, on Brian.Willey@driveviper.com.