Brian & Laura Willey

Brian & Laura Willey joined the Viper community in 2017.  Brian grew up a car enthusiast with a grandfather and father owning early Ford V8s and C1 Corvettes.  When the 1989 Viper show car debuted in 1989, it was all Brian could dream about.  However, finishing college, getting married, buying a house, and starting a family delayed the dream for 28 years.  Brian & Laura went to church with Viper Team member, Dick Meyers, and learned of the 1998 GT2s in of April 1998.  When he heard how much they were selling for, he literally could not speak about Viper because they were broke.  It was not until December of 2016 when the word Viper came out of his mouth again when the search began to become an owner.  It was worth the wait.  Brian and Laura happily support the Spirit of Viper program.  Helping honor those involved with Viper’s success is a privilege.