Bill Blewett & Kerrie Peterson

My interest in cars started as a young boy when my dad took me to his friend’s house, several times a year, to see a 1934 LaSalle restoration project.  It took my dad’s friend about twenty years to complete the restoration and he did everything except paint, including making many unavailable parts in his prototype shop.  In addition, three previous generations in my family worked at Ford Motor Company and I worked for a tier one supplier doing a significant amount of business with Chrysler Corporation.  So, cars are in the DNA.

When I was in my early 40’s, and had some extra space and money, I bought my first “collector car”.  A 1992 Jaguar XJS V12 convertible.  Which I still own today.  A year later I bought my first Viper, a 1995, and still own it.  I then bought a couple of C5 Corvettes and a C6 for Summer drivers.  The restomod bug bit and I bought a 1961 Corvette for a donor.  It took ten years to realize the dream, six years of contemplation and four years to complete the build.

In 2018 I started to think about making a “collector car” investment.  Viper has always been my favorite sports car.  Uncivilized is the best one-word description when compared to the civilized Corvette.  In my opinion, the Viper was under appreciated and extremely undervalued.  Over a two-year period, I made a significant investment in Vipers, the “Greatest American Muscle Car”.

I want to thank all of the original, dedicated, and hardworking Team Viper employees that have given Viper owners the opportunity to enjoy these very special cars, in whatever capacity desired.  Supporting The Spirit of Viper program is an honor and congratulations to all the past, present, and future inductees.  Finally, thank you to my wife, Kerrie, for her support and understanding.